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War Story 4: Victims of War

Most people easily associate war with that of a soldier. How brave soldiers are, how noble it is for them to offer their lives for the service of their country, how touching and heartwarming their stories are, of their loss and their survival.

However, there is more to a war than just the heroes. There are also the villains. Although, one side always claims that the other side is the villain. Simply put, terrorists believe they are the ones wronged, while government and its soldiers believe that wars are provoked by terrorist. No one can ever win this debate, because two opposing parties amidst a war, will fight for what they believe is right, regardless of how far the damage would be.

Of course, there is a third view point to the story. Everyone should start realizing that wars are not just about a match between two powers, it is also about the victims – the innocent children whose houses were destroyed because of a bombing, the mother’s who risk their lives to try and save their young ones, the farmers, the teachers, the people who want nothing to do with war, but are caught up in it anyways, because people of power forgot they mattered, or are so blinded into thinking they are waging war for them, when in fact the war is only hurting and killing them.

A lot of philosophies and opinions on war will surface, and not one will be declared the most rightful reason to start a war, but these things happen, and they are there to stay if people do not back down.

I am one of those victims, and while it was one of my most traumatic experiences, it also helped me help myself. How? Because it made me realize that my life could end anytime, anywhere. Hence, I should not leave room for regrets and I should do whatever it takes to enjoy the life I have.

After surviving a time of crisis that was brought about by war, I relived my life. In my new life, I feel like a new person. I changed my views on life, I changed perspective, heck, I even changed lifestyle and eating habits.

Right now, I may be far from any war, but my fear has never left me ever since. The fear of death makes you want to live life longer, that is why I have changed myself completely. Before, I eat what I can and drink beer and get drunk, abuse myself and my body, thinking that I won’t die anytime soon anyways. But now, I keep a caveman diet shopping list in order to make sure I only buy healthy and organic foods that a Paleo diet suggests. I have changed lifestyle completely, because I have been in the brink of death, and I don’t want that anymore.

While war may happen and people may die even when they live a good life, it is still different because at least, you can say, that while you live, you have given your best to live the good life, and not waste life on things that could only hurt you and make you regret.

War Story 3: The Life of A Soldier’s Daughter

Image Credit: goodwillnynj.org

Image Credit: goodwillnynj.org

Being a daughter of a soldier has never been an easy thing to live with. Other teens my age see me as someone to fear, not just because my mother is in the army, but also because they believe that I would fight back because I have the genes of a warrior. They even see me as a privileged person because I receive special treatment from the government since my mom happens to serve the country. Some even go as far as envying me.

Now, I know that what my mother does is her duty to the country, but still, my situation is not something to be envied of. Everyday, I come home to our house, hoping that my mom has come and will tell me she is not going to leave me again. It’s difficult to live with the idea of your mother and the possibility of her never coming back. Yet, I have to.

There was even a time when I got into a hit-and-run accident. Good thing the driver was not really driving that fast. Turns out he was just learning how to drive. But he hit me and I was injured, and we had to hire an injury lawyer so that my hospitalization could be compensated.

All the time I was in that situation, my mother never knew about it. She cried when she finally did, and I was already okay then. I told her there was nothing to worry because our relatives and the lawyer was a very big help.

It is a good thing that I have friends who are in the same situation as I am. All our parents or at least one of them, are out in the battlefield. We live in the same neighborhood and we have the housing programs for soldiers to thank for. This is not a compulsory thing. This is just an option for those soldiers who wish that their family be in a location where access is easier. Also, we never were really financially well before my mother joined the army so this was like a bonus for us. The houses in the program are well constructed. As soldiers risk their lives for the country, they expect the people they leave their families behind to provide utmost safety and security for the love ones they had to leave.

Image Credit: mass.gov

Image Credit: mass.gov

My friends, who are also daughters and sons of soldiers, are grateful for how we are all treated here in the area. While we all agree that none of us wanted this luxury for all we wished was that we had our parents with us, we are still thankful for the care they provide us.

I don’t mean to be selfish when I said I wished my mother won’t go back to her duties, someday. But it is an honest dream. After all, life is so much relaxed and happier if you have your loved ones nearby. But it really does not mean I hate where I am today. In fact, when I finish school, I plan to train for the army as well. It’s just a matter of serving and giving back what has been given to me and my family. It may be a lonely path to take, but it is a brave and humble path, nonetheless.


War Story 2: Losing a Loved One

Image Credit: dreamstime.com

By Christana Gammell After my husband was sent to the battlefields of war because of his duty as a soldier, our house has never felt lonelier and emptier. Worse, during his first months of leaving also made it much more complicated for me to live and handle all daily responsibilities. Now, I not only have to be a mother, I also have to be a father. Indeed, it was not an easy feat, and it was the reason that I kept asking my husband to leave the army and allow our family to live a normal life. However, some men are just destined to become soldiers, and my husband is one of those few, brave men.

As if it was not difficult enough to deal with the sorrow of seeing my husband leave for his duty, the news of losing him in war was beyond imaginable pain and agony. I already felt alone when he went to fight, imagine the loneliness I felt after hearing the news that he died in his service. Sadness could only overpower you so much. At those moments in my life, I was so scared and petrified that I had an emotional breakdown. Good thing there were organizations that showed support for families like ours; for families who had to suffer the inevitable loss of a loved one because of service for the country.

Years has passed since that tragedy and now I have come to live in a more relaxed pace. I became stronger in the thought of my children, and how my husband asked me to take good care of them for his sake. I continue to be the best mother that I could be for my children. I show them all undivided love and attention, to compensate for their loss of a father.

While I could manage to do all tasks that mothers naturally do, I also do some tasks that normally done by fathers. I did not want my children to feel sad about that fact always so I make it a point to do manlier things without complaint.

My family and I continue to live our lives, for my husband’s sake. What keeps us going on is the fact that we may not have him with us anymore, but at least we could all be proud that he died a hero.

War Story 1: The Man that was once a Soldier


What yoImage Credit: terrific-top10.comu see in movies and read in books about soldiers losing their psychological stability after being exposed to war, are true experiences of most soldiers. The mental stress that war brings upon soldiers is overbearing that after years in battle, they may have survived, but their mental state has long been gone.

This is the reason why some families find it hard to cope up when a member of the family who has been to war is been relieved off his duty to the country. While there is tremendous happiness because, finally, their love one will be coming home, there is also a moment of sadness, especially when they see their loved ones suffer so much from the trauma. At times, it would seem that the person that came back is no longer the same person that left.

I however, escaped the battlefields with my mental state intact. The downside – I went home to my family, missing an arm.

My arm had to be amputated after it got severely hit by a bomb. The doctor assigned to our platoon was left with no choice. It was either to amputate me or leave me to die.

Now, even though I have come home to my family, I cannot even do anything for them. I can’t play with my daughter, nor can I help with the house chores.

Some chores require the strength of a man, and as I sat there and see my wife do all the work, I feel so much pain for not being able to do anything. Whenever I try to help even through the littlest possible way, she would either tell me she can handle it or she would tell me that she would just hire a service company of sort to do the job. Now, not only is she doing all the work, she also has to spend money for things that do not need paying for if only I was still whole and able to do the work.

At first it was difficult for me to accept the situation. I’m not a man without my capability to work for my family and even help them in simple tasks. But my wife told me she is more than happy that I am back, because it does not matter if I am missing an arm, as long as I am back at home, alive. She is just happy that the man he loves is back for her to care for and thank for the wonderful life my bravery has given her and our children. She also said that being a soldier is enough work for any man. Risking your life for the good of people you do not even know, is one of the bravest thing anyone could do.