How to Spend Time with Your Kids When You’re Home

There are numerous reasons why leaving your family on deployment will be tough. Naturally, there’s much to miss. Your family is the biggest and most important part of your life and rightly so. They will continue to be a light during tough times away with the service, so it’s only right that you will be so excited to get home and spend time with the most important people in your life. If you’ve got kids, then this feeling will only grow the longer you’re away. Planning time with them to do fun and exciting things is a must. We would love to suggest some great things to do with your children while you’re back at home.

Take a Trip

Although being home with your family has been what you’ve been dreaming of for months, the chance to get away from home life and take a relaxing, chilled out trip with your children might be one of the best things you can do. We suggest somewhere sunny, chilled and possibly entirely waited on. There’s nothing like allowing someone else to take some of the strain while you’re putting your feet up.

Start a Project

If you can’t go away, then the next best thing to do is making sure you spend as much time dedicated to your family and your kids as you can. Taking on a project will allow you to build up a bond with them over something mutual and watch the project – and their affection – grow. My best suggestion is something like building up your own aquarium. It takes a lot of time, and the tank will always remind them of you when you’re away. Websites such as Tankarium are compiling the best knowledge guide for projects just like this. Something similar, like building a bike or treehouse would also require a lot of time spent working with the young ones.

Sports, Glorious Sports

Sports are one of the most fun and exciting experiences for a mother or father to do with their children. There’s a reason why, too. Playing catch, soccer, or batting practice is seen as the ultimate in bonding. Playing with your children in the yard until the sun goes down is one of the great experiences for a parent but also for a child. They will really appreciate spending this time together.

A Bite to Eat

Food – the great bringer together of men (and women and children, too!). Food is the ultimate way to spend time with anyone, but if you let your children choose the venue, they’re guaranteed to have an excellent time, meaning you are, too. So, get together the children, ready your wallet and prepare for a lovely, family-friendly evening.

These aren’t specific to you after coming back from the forces, but the fact stands that they’re really fun and heartwarming things to do when you see the look on the faces of your family when they’re having a good time.

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