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Stay Fit with Your Family!

Coming home is very relaxing! However, it can be tricky to stay motivated to exercise while still finding the time to take it easy. Working out can be intense, so it’s important to find a balance between relaxation and fitness, while still spending lots of quality time with your family and loved ones. But being at home gives you some more luxuries so that you can remain relaxed and be with your family, while still maintaining your physique!

Get Your Partner Involved

First, you can incorporate your significant other or children into your workout routine. Depending on their ages, you could play tag, or you could go for a run or bicycle ride with your kids. Even though this is less intense exercise, it is excellent for family bonding. These activities promote athleticism, and you can be an excellent role model for your children. Plus, it is really motivating to do activities as a group!


If you want some quiet time, you could use a treadmill or stationary bike, and watch your favourite TV show or movie, or listen to your own music while still staying active. There are also lots of at-home exercises you can do that are very beneficial for your body, if you don’t have any workout equipment. This allows you to be physically active while in the comfort of your own home! Plus, it’s much more convenient than joining a gym, and allows you to spend more time with your family.

Don’t Forget to Rest

After a long day on your feet it is nice to de-stress and take a break. It’s a wonderful feeling when your head first hits the pillow and you relax your body. Physically active people can be plagued with sore muscles, which makes it difficult to sleep. You might find yourself tossing and turning after a busy day. Especially if you’re physically active, it’s particularly difficult to find a perfect “cold spot” in the bed. To relieve all of these symptoms, the cooling mattress pad is the best option! It helps with muscles aches, and getting comfortable in bed. You don’t need to worry anymore about becoming too warm in bed either, and during the summertime, cuddling is much cooler and more comfortable!

Spread the Love

Getting an excellent night’s sleep after training and spending time with family can put you in a wonderful mood. Good moods are contagious, and you can spread an atmosphere of love and happiness with your whole family. Feeling well-rested can reduce stress too. It’s very beneficial to be in the most relaxed state of mind while you are at home with your beloved family. You might even feel more motivated and energetic to try a new hobby or activity!

Spending restful time with family is essential and, in these ways, you can stay physically active, and also spend as much time as possible with your loved ones! Incorporating them into your workout routine, doing workouts in the comfort of your home, and having an amazing, rejuvenating sleep after your activities are all great ways to rest and relax, and spend lots of quality time with those you care about.

War Story 1: The Man that was once a Soldier


What yoImage Credit: terrific-top10.comu see in movies and read in books about soldiers losing their psychological stability after being exposed to war, are true experiences of most soldiers. The mental stress that war brings upon soldiers is overbearing that after years in battle, they may have survived, but their mental state has long been gone.

This is the reason why some families find it hard to cope up when a member of the family who has been to war is been relieved off his duty to the country. While there is tremendous happiness because, finally, their love one will be coming home, there is also a moment of sadness, especially when they see their loved ones suffer so much from the trauma. At times, it would seem that the person that came back is no longer the same person that left.

I however, escaped the battlefields with my mental state intact. The downside – I went home to my family, missing an arm.

My arm had to be amputated after it got severely hit by a bomb. The doctor assigned to our platoon was left with no choice. It was either to amputate me or leave me to die.

Now, even though I have come home to my family, I cannot even do anything for them. I can’t play with my daughter, nor can I help with the house chores.

Some chores require the strength of a man, and as I sat there and see my wife do all the work, I feel so much pain for not being able to do anything. Whenever I try to help even through the littlest possible way, she would either tell me she can handle it or she would tell me that she would just hire a service company of sort to do the job. Now, not only is she doing all the work, she also has to spend money for things that do not need paying for if only I was still whole and able to do the work.

At first it was difficult for me to accept the situation. I’m not a man without my capability to work for my family and even help them in simple tasks. But my wife told me she is more than happy that I am back, because it does not matter if I am missing an arm, as long as I am back at home, alive. She is just happy that the man he loves is back for her to care for and thank for the wonderful life my bravery has given her and our children. She also said that being a soldier is enough work for any man. Risking your life for the good of people you do not even know, is one of the bravest thing anyone could do.