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How to Spend Time with Your Kids When You’re Home

There are numerous reasons why leaving your family on deployment will be tough. Naturally, there’s much to miss. Your family is the biggest and most important part of your life and rightly so. They will continue to be a light during tough times away with the service, so it’s only right that you will be so excited to get home and spend time with the most important people in your life. If you’ve got kids, then this feeling will only grow the longer you’re away. Planning time with them to do fun and exciting things is a must. We would love to suggest some great things to do with your children while you’re back at home.

Take a Trip

Although being home with your family has been what you’ve been dreaming of for months, the chance to get away from home life and take a relaxing, chilled out trip with your children might be one of the best things you can do. We suggest somewhere sunny, chilled and possibly entirely waited on. There’s nothing like allowing someone else to take some of the strain while you’re putting your feet up.

Start a Project

If you can’t go away, then the next best thing to do is making sure you spend as much time dedicated to your family and your kids as you can. Taking on a project will allow you to build up a bond with them over something mutual and watch the project – and their affection – grow. My best suggestion is something like building up your own aquarium. It takes a lot of time, and the tank will always remind them of you when you’re away. Websites such as Tankarium are compiling the best knowledge guide for projects just like this. Something similar, like building a bike or treehouse would also require a lot of time spent working with the young ones.

Sports, Glorious Sports

Sports are one of the most fun and exciting experiences for a mother or father to do with their children. There’s a reason why, too. Playing catch, soccer, or batting practice is seen as the ultimate in bonding. Playing with your children in the yard until the sun goes down is one of the great experiences for a parent but also for a child. They will really appreciate spending this time together.

A Bite to Eat

Food – the great bringer together of men (and women and children, too!). Food is the ultimate way to spend time with anyone, but if you let your children choose the venue, they’re guaranteed to have an excellent time, meaning you are, too. So, get together the children, ready your wallet and prepare for a lovely, family-friendly evening.

These aren’t specific to you after coming back from the forces, but the fact stands that they’re really fun and heartwarming things to do when you see the look on the faces of your family when they’re having a good time.

Motorcycles In The Military

Military Motorcycles

Think about this for a second-a century ago, we were fighting from the back of a horse. Since then, we’ve seen so many technological advances come through the military, both terrifying and completely awesome. One piece of equipment that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is the motorcycle. It has helped with recon missions in Afghanistan and was able to handle mobile machine gun fire. Over the years, it was used throughout many wars and is still used today.

WWI Bikes

During World War I, the government ordered 20,000 Harley-Davidson Model 17’s after its success with the Army in the hunt for Pancho Villa and his troops. This motorcycle had a 61-cubic-inch F-head engine with 15 horsepower and a 3-speed transmission mounted to the fuel tank. These bikes were capable of holding hospital stretchers, sidecars, shields, and machine guns. It was after the motorcycle accident death of a British soldier during this time that sparked the idea in a neurosurgeon’s mind about creating a piece of equipment that would protect a riders head. They weren’t as fancy as the modular helmets that we have today, but they still did the job.

Indian Powerplus Big Twin

Another popular motorcycle was the Indian. Once the manufacturer heard that the war was going to use their bikes, they dedicated almost all of their production resources to the effort. They ended up shelling out 50,000 Indian Powerplus Big Twin bikes that surpassed the Harley. Unfortunately, Indian bikes never really re-popularized itself with the civilian market, something that was never overcome.

The Harley Davidson In WWII & Korea

By this time, Harley had made a comeback and was considered to be the American motorcycle company. When war started in Europe, they were right there to help with the war efforts once again. This time around, they modified their most popular civilian model from the WL to the WLA.During this time, they weren’t equipped with gear for combat, rather, they were used for messages between formations and had holsters for the Thompson submachine gun. There were over 70,000 of these bikes produced, including thousands the the Soviets took.

Operation Desert Storm-The Kawasaki

One name that you’re probably very familiar with is the Kawasaki. This bike was extremely gas efficient, getting an astounding 96 miles per gallon. It was the modified version of the KLR650 and could run both diesel and jet fuel. Today, the Kawasaki M103M1 is very popular with the United States Marine Corps because of how well it runs and handles. NATO also has a few of these on hand, as does the United States Air Force. They have the M1030B1 and the M1030, but these ones cannot run on diesel like ones from Desert Storm could.


Motorcycles are very beefy machines that have the capability to surpass just about any obstacle. It has come a long way since WWI and even the development of the helmet has. Men and women go off to war every day to keep their families safe and these motorcycles have played a huge role in all of it.

Making Up a Military-Style Overnight Training Bag


You may be a civilian but making up an overnight bag for camping trips away can make the difference between a fun-filled excursion or a nightmare situation. Readying yourself with some military-style gear will kick your preparation off with a bang. See below some easy and effective military-style overnight gear.

LED Night Light

These can be used for so many different things on an outdoors trip it’s incredible. You can use them for seeing in the dark, hanging up in your tent (in no way should you use a flame for this!) and for checking out your map as the light gets dimmer. LED light bars are an incredible handy – and easily packable – alternative than having to use the torch on your phone. If you’re looking to buy these handy bars, you can find out some more information about the top rated LED lightbars here.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army KnifeThis is the ultimate in outdoor kit, the trusty Swiss Army Knife. Actually, used to this day by the Swiss army and other people in the military, this fantastic tool has been used by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere for decades. Available for a decent price, you get a whole array of different pieces on this little pocket gadget: from knife, to bottle opener to tweezers. It’s all you’ll need for a life in the wilderness.

Roll Mat

Roll MatGet one of these and treat it like your best friend, because when you’re trying to get your head down for a few hours of sleep, this is what will come between you and the grass beneath your back. Cheap and cheerful, these can usually be bought from any megastore for a really good price, but will be used so much that you will consider it priceless by the end of the trip. A big win on a little budget.

Flask or Thermos

Personal FlaskUnderrated in many circles, a decent flask or thermos will keep your warm food/drink warm and your cold stuff cold. If you’re going on a trek or hike, this will be the only thing to keep you fresh for hours at a time, so you’ll want something that holds a decent amount of liquid, is light but also does the job of keeping things hot or cold. This is something worth doing your research on. There’s plenty of companies who claim to be able to make the best thermos, but you’ll often pay too much for something that you can find cheaper elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.

Compass and Map

Compass And MapHow is this not obvious? The most basic of items but the two things that will keep you from getting lost. Invest in a couple of these things and you’ll be good as gold. Learning how to use a map is also paramount, but it’s not hard if you pay attention. So, pay attention!

So, are you feeling ready yet for an outdoor excursion? Well, these are the main things you can get anywhere, but don’t forget a tent, waterproofs and an overwhelming sense of adventure. That’s the most important thing!